You will find in this area world class articles submitted by the Leaders in RCIA throughout the World.  You will find articles from Rev Dr Fr Elio Capra on Mystagogia through to articles about RCIC

How do You Solve a problem Like Mystagogia?

by Rev Dr Fr Elio Capra SDB

After a long and intense preparation, the celebration of the Sacraments of Christian Initiation at the Easter Vigil comes as a great time of celebration for the whole community. This is followed by the period of Mystagogia. Havent we done work? Havent the neophytes experienced enough catechesis? Hasnt the scriptural, the instructional, the liturgical, the ecclesial catechesis in the previous months been enough? What are we meant to do during the period between Easter and Pentecost?


5 Things to know about Dismissal

Five things your RCIA team may not know about the dismissal
Posted by Nick   From TEAM RCIA reprinted with permission


The very first time I heard about the RCIA was at a diocesan information meeting in St. Louis in 1982. I dont remember a lot about the meeting, but the one thing that really grabbed my attention was when the presenter said that we would be dismissing the catechumens from Mass after the homily. At the time, that was such an unheard of idea that I knew instantly it would cause a great stir in parishes.

Emmaus and Beyond– The Discipleship of Mystgogia

by Karen Hart

The Emmaus story in Luke’s Gospel [Lk 24:13-35] directs our Christian faith with Christ as our guide, our eyes are opened to recognise Him; we then set out to share this Good News with our companions.  This lived discipleship is the reality of Mystagogia.  From the moment of The Rite of Acceptance the Church embraces the catechumens and candidates with parental affection; ...........

Returning Home to Christ

by Karen Hart


There exists in the human heart an innate yearning to return home.  In the context of faith and spirituality, this longing finds its home in God.  Our modern world offers much distraction and clutter in our minds, yet this does not eclipse the spiritual hunger within us.  This is what the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) responds to.  Christ has already initiated the invitation to unbaptised catechumens, and to candidates who have received Baptism in other Christian denominations, to come and see.......... 

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